Posted 2020-04-17 23:28

This is Illion from Singapore. o/

I play many chess types and variants. First and foremost, I’m trained as a western chess player. Playing and learning since I was 6, I’ve participated on and off in tournaments, never quite making it to a good level, but also never quite able to quit the addiction. I feebly sit on a 2000 blitz rating at lichess.

In the second instance, I’m also a mostly self-taught xiangqi player, starting admirably with a streak of 30 losses against a friend when I was 14. Since then I’ve also participated in school tournaments with several team tournament wins, and generally been a better-than-complete-beginner at it. I hover around 1200 at PlayOK.

My main variant, so to speak, is atomic chess, hovering consistently around 2300 on lichess which is probably two tiers below the best players. I am (very probably) also the player the most obsessed with researching fundamental endgame knowledge. My first site is entirely focused on atomic chess.

Outside the competitive side of chess, I’m also an on-and-off problemist/solver, specialising in retrograde analysis and proof games. I’ve composed a number of lightweight retros and PGs, not heavy on the themes but sometimes tricky, sometimes entertaining.